Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Over and over and over and over

I honestly thought everything that could go wrong with the play had already gone wrong.
I should learn to stop jinxing myself with positive thinking.

Sam, who plays Parris, one of the male leads, broke his ankle on Friday. This isn't a huge deal, it just messes up the pre-set we were going to do, where he was supposed to carry on the girl who plays his daughter. Finding 15th century looking crutches is another issue, and working those in to performance takes a bit of thinking. Just another thing to deal with.

We did a run today, and it went well. The play is shaping up, it just needs to get much tighter. Some people still need to do a lot more work on their lines. Some people had them weeks ago and appear to have gotten complacent, stopped looking at them and forgotten them. We're running it again tomorrow, and possibly again on Friday. The cast today weren't particularly focused, and i think tomorrow I'm going to be a lot stricter with them. We need to be running it as a performance instead of a rehearsal and at the moment it's definitely too informal.

Tomorrow is going to be exhausting. I'm editing the page, going to a physical theatre workshop, meeting my tutor for next term, going to the dentist, planning and writing a presentation and rehearsing all evening. Gotta get some sleep.


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