Monday, 13 June 2011

It's not just for gays any more.

I want nothing more than to go to the Tony awards one day.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

We Will Become Silhouettes

Today I did something cool.

Actually, i did a lot of cool things, I saw Rocket to the Moon at the National Theatre (for every essay that i finish i buy myself a theatre ticket. That was the last of my degree, and it was incredible. There are so many great deals for young people to see world class theatre in London, and I'm abusing this privilege as much as humanly possible); I also went to the Globe and bought tickets for me and the parentals for All's Well That Ends Well and Doctor Faustus for next month. I got chatted up by a cute busker and got my photo taken for a Japanese fashion blog (Doctor Who is right, bow-ties are cool. Mine is blue and velvet and goes particularly well with short shorts and giant heels).

But the REALLY cool thing i did today was register to be a bone marrow donor and an organ donor. Last year my friend Chaz died because she couldn't find a bone marrow donor. This is my way of remembering her and helping other people in her situation. As for the organ donation, it's something I've planned on doing for a long time and i finally got around to actually signing up.

I'm posting this up here not only because i think it's important and pretty cool, but also because most of the people who read this could be counted as next of kin, or people who ought to know. I plan on outliving all of you, but just in case something unexpected happens, i want you guys to know that i plan on donating everything i viably can, and then i want to be cremated, turned into fireworks and handed out to my loved ones, to be set off in places that remind them of me.

It's going to be an awfully big adventure. Hopefully in an awfully long time.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Write me

I love letters, and i almost never get them. There's something so much more personal about post than email correspondence, don't you think?

(George Carlin, not only a hilarious man, but a damn romantic one too.)