Thursday, 2 December 2010

I could sleep wherever I lay my head

I've not posted for a couple of days because life got in the way. This week has been exhausting.

We did a run on Tuesday which was probably the best we've ever done it. I refused to prompt people, so if they got in to trouble they had to get themselves out of it, and remarkably it worked! The run came in a whole half hour shorter than when we did it on Monday, and hardly anyone forgot their lines. Act 3, which for so long has been the problem act, was the best in the run; I was amazed. The performances are still lacking some energy, but i think that will come with costume, lighting and the presence of an audience. Some of the actors have taken their performance tot he next level, and bits of it are truly beautiful.

I've felt bad this week because in both runs I've been so tired that i haven't been as focused as i could have been. I still gave detailed notes at the end of each run, but my mind hasn't been 100% on task. On Tuesday i came on to campus at 10am for a physical theatre workshop,and didn't leave until 2 in the morning because i had a presentation i needed to write. I then woke up at 6 to finish writing it before heading to campus for my 9am seminar on Wednesday, stayed in until 6 doing various bits and pieces, took an hour long nap and then went to see Vampire Weekend playing live. It was a really good day, but I'm completely shattered. Coming out of the gig there was almost a foot of snow on the ground, and today uni was cancelled which meant i could have a bit of a break, but also meant that i couldn't pick up my costumes, or rehearse. I'm so busy that even enforced relaxation time is stressful!

One of the things i did on Wednesday was propose the play i want to direct for next term (I know, I'm putting myself through all this again. What can i say, I'm a sucker for punishment). I've been wanting to direct Antigone, by Jean Anouilh, for over a year now, and yesterday i proposed my production and it got voted for, so next term I'll be immersed in 1940's french political drama. I can't wait! I have so many cool ideas, which I'll tell you about in another post when I'm less tired and headachey.

So yeah, it's been a productive week. Exhausting and stressful, but also rewarding and very fun. I'm not sure I'm ready to leave university, i don't see how real life could ever be as exciting as this.

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