Sunday, 5 December 2010

subconscious victim

I did something unusual yesterday without even realizing it.
I was in Urban Outfitters, just browsing, picking up some things to try on, and when i got to the changing room i realized I'd only picked up clothes by one designer, and that, while aimlessly wandering through the store, I'd picked out every piece from his collection. In honour of this strange but marvellous occurrence, i want to introduce you to Upson Downs.

William Anzevino’s career as a renowned fashion designer began with his early work for the Andy Warhol Museum – not bad a start hey? Following the launch of the Anzevino and Florence label, he earned the position as one of the most innovative fashion designers around. With all this under his belt, Anzevino’s current project Upson Downs takes inspiration from different subcultures from progressive fashion to underground music, delivering clean-cut designs that are both modern and unique.

So simple, so sexy, so soft. I spent WAY too long in the dressing room trying on each piece. I might get myself the one at the top as a birthday present to myself and wear it every day for the rest of my life...


Lindsay said...

He also designs the line Laugh Cry Repeat, which is what Upson Downes is spun off of :)

Anonymous said...

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