Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bitten by brutality

Very short post today because I'm exhausted and my head hurts too much to look at my screen for long.

I was apprehensive about today's rehearsal. After yesterday's disaster i was worried that people would be demoralized. I really wanted our first run through to go well. Today was exhausting and stressful anyway, and a change to my room booking meant that we only had a 2 hour slot to rehearse. Adding insult to injury, it then turned out that the performance space was empty, despite being booked, and we could have been in there for the whole 4 hours I would have liked to rehearse.

I called the cast for 7:45, so that Lana could talk to them before we started our rehearsal at 8. Lana was great, reiterating things i have said to them and adding important points. I think having someone from outside the show, especially a fantastic actress they all admire, and the president of the society telling them that they need to work harder and put in more consistent effort had a much stronger effect than when i said it. Hopefully i won't have to say it again.

We started the run in the performance space (such a stroke of luck that we could use it, even on stolen time), and it seems like everyone has put in a HUGE amount of work in the past 24 hours. The first 2 acts went remarkably smoothly, almost completely without scripts, and with staging and characterization remaining strong. Act 3 was still a little shaky, but so much better than yesterday. We ran out of time before we could do act 4, but I'm feeling so much better than i was this time yesterday that i don't particularly mind.

So, as usual, peaks and troughs. I just hope yesterday was the last really low point, and that from here on in we can build the show up at every rehearsal.

Right, i need to sleep. My head is throbbing and i have a dissertation to write tomorrow.
Goodnight Moon.

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