Thursday, 25 November 2010

Up bubbles all his amorous breath

This is my 200th post, how cool (shamelessly self indulgent) is that? It makes me wish i had something more special to say.

Today was exhausting. I had a 9AM seminar on Aldous Huxley, then spent 3 hours editing my newspaper page, then came home to do some important emails. I went to my favourite cafe to plan some rehearsals and do some preparation for a presentation I'm doing next week, then came back on to campus for a four hour rehearsal of act 3. My cold is getting worse by the minute and the whole left side of my face is throbbing. The worst part is that ALL the cold medicine i can find is non-drowsy, and the caffeine in it will keep me awake if i take it, so i have to choose between breathing or sleeping. Not fun.

So, yeah, act 3. On Monday it was God-awful. Today we went through it unit by unit, re-working staging and making sure everyone knew exactly what they were doing. I'm hugely relieved to say that the guy i was worried about (and whose lines i spent a good few hours today cutting, in case he couldn't learn them all) had obviously been scared into working, and had vastly improved. He's still far from perfect, but he's a hundred times better than he was.

Spending 4 hours rehearsing a half hour scene, i was hoping we could work through it and then run it a couple of times, but we were working so slowly, and for some parts the lines are still so tentative, that in the end by the time we had worked through all of the units it was already almost 10, and we didn't have time to run the whole scene. It looks so much better than it did, but we still have so far to go. I ended the rehearsal frustrated, despite the improvement in the scene.

In other exciting news, the costumes are almost completely sorted and they look great, and my fabulous friend Poli just sent me a rough version of the poster, which is AMAZING! Even if the show isn't great at least it's gonna look pretty stylish.

Right, I'm dead, time for bed. I'll post a picture of the poster as soon as i get a high quality copy. I'll also treat you to an article i wrote about book adaptations, and possibly my essay on Camp. Don't ever say I'm not good to you.

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