Tuesday, 17 May 2011

He ain't heavy

My beautiful big brother just sent me the loveliest message, and I thought i'd share it here, since it's another 5 minutes of not doing work.

I love you so very very much.
2 years ago i was exactly where you are now, with over half of my dissertation to put to paper and only a week in which to get it done.

keep working like a fucking dog, you will get it all in, you will do fabulously, so much better than i did.
You will collapse afterwards in a pile of friends and drunkenness and spend a fairly long while watching shitty tv curled up in bed to overcome the mother of all hangovers.

Then we will chat about the possibility of you coming out to australia/thailand and having an awesome travel time with your nerdy older brother.
I love you in spite of the odour

He may be horrible, but i do miss him.

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