Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bite me.

I have been on campus since 9 this morning. I just took what was supposed to be a short break, but what quickly turned into a 3 hour chat over drinks, with my friend Sarah. It made me very happy indeed.

I was telling her about how I watched Interview with the Vampire last night and couldn't take it seriously because of the joke in Bowfinger about how Tom Cruise didn't know he was in it. Well, i was trying to tell her, but i couldn't quite get the words out because i was crying with laughter. No joke in the history of cinema has ever made me laugh as much as that one, and every time i think about it, or watch that film, or see Tom Cruise being interviewed, it just gets funnier.

In other news, I finally decided on a title for my film essay. It's called "It's only OK to like sex if you're evil: Transgressive Feminine Sexualities in  Vampire Cinema" and it is so much fun. I love doing a silly degree!

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