Sunday, 22 May 2011

curiouser and curiouser

I had a day off from writing my dissertations.

I worked an 8 hour shift in the ice-cream shop, then, whilst walking home, was lured into a Victorian train carriage parked in Jubilee Square. Inside they were giving out unlimited free gin and tonic if you told them curious stories. They had also transformed the inside of the train carriage into a mini-museum of curiosities. I was with my friend Nicole, and she pointed out that there were people sitting in a kind of glamorous Victorian tent on the other side of the train, and we found out that there was going to be a flash fiction slam, and if you bought a ticket you got more free gin. We bought tickets. The stories were wonderful. Then we stroked a puppy and drank more gin.

I was in bed by 11, asleep by half past, and wasn't stressed for the first time in weeks. I love Brighton. (and gin.)

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