Wednesday, 9 March 2011

We must do extraordinary things. It would be absurd not to.

After a beautiful week of skiing with my wonderful mother, and with Antigone dead and buried in her cave, I'm feeling so much better than i did at the time of my last post. Sorry about that, it all got a bit dark, didn't it?

Anyway, I'm back and happy and ready for new stuff. I'm working on a dissertation chapter at the moment, which means i'm spending all my time reading Dave Eggers books and trying to find critisism of his work that i can reference in my essay. It's harder than you might expect. Outside of book reviews there is hardly any critical analysis. It's interesting though, and i can happly spend 8 hours at a stretch reading about it, so work doesn't feel so much like work.

Tomorrow I'm proposing the play i want to direct next term, After Miss Julie by Patrick Marber. It's a wonderful play. The Crucible and Antigone are both great, but from directing them both i've come to realize that i don't enjoy directing big, wordy, idea based plays. I much prefer small stories about people, where you can really get involved in the motivations behind actions without having to worry about philosophical arguments. I really hope people vote for it because it would be so fun to direct, and much as i loved Antigone, I don't want that to be the last play i direct at university.

Still no idea what i'm doing with the next year of my life, but i'm trying to stay positive about that as much as possible.

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