Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

I just finished my last ever class at university. The last 3 years have gone by so quickly i can hardly believe it.

I just came across this hilarious website called Girls Are Pretty, which has a different short, surreal, vaguely romantic story every day (more or less). Each day is something to celebrate. Today, for instance, is Get Away From The Window Sarah Day!

Get away from the window Sarah. You’re not in love you’re just unemployed and that boy down there on the sidewalk in the rain he’s never going to go back home if you keep giving him a face to moon up at.
Get away from the window Sarah. Girls are human like everybody else. Girls get those dark times, the ones that last two years and eight months, when they’re pretty sure that nothing better’s ever going to happen again. Boys like the one on the sidewalk, they prey on those moments. It’s all they have. They pout like puppies and try to convince you that love is supposed to happen between a pretty girl up in a window and whichever boy is willing to embarrass himself the most for her.
Get away from the window Sarah. You only have sixteen months left of this terrible week. Sink into alcohol or a cult or a job at a non-profit. Just don’t sink into a boy. Not until you find the boy who belongs up in the window, with you on the sidewalk, wondering what in God’s name you’re going to have to do, how cold that rain is going to get, before he finally decides he can’t do better and so condescends to buzz you in.
Just get away from the window Sarah. I promise there’s a boy out there who’s better, better than you.
Happy Get Away From The Window Sarah Day!

All these pictures, and many more i have used over the past few months, and will use for a long time to come, come from an amazing website called This Is Not Porn. It is full of rare and never before seen photos of celebrities. I could waste whole days on there, and i suggest you check it out.

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