Thursday, 24 June 2010

Medical Marvels

Hello there. I'm in a spectacular mood today. I'm officially on summer holiday, I've just found out that i got all of my first choice courses for next year (Kazuo Ishiguro and a self led course on Dave Eggers for English, The Musical and American Comedian Comedy for film, in case you're wondering), and i got the week that i wanted for The Crucible (did i mention I'm directing the Crucible next term? It's going to be entirely a cast of freshmen.) The directors of the plays all have to get together and decide which week their play is going on and there's normally a big fight for later weeks, because there's a longer rehearsal process, but no one fought and i got the last week, which means i have the whole term to rehearse and i get to perform it on my birthday!
Anyway, to celebrate all of these things, i took myself to the crepe cafe on campus, which has amazing food served by lovely people, and which is being closed down by the evil, money grabbing vice-chancellor. I love it there. While eating my crepe and drinking an ice latte, i read the G2. There was an article which i found completely fascinating and strangely moving. In fact, like many things i post on this blog, it made me cry a little bit. Funny what things affect me.
If you're looking to learn something new, or are at all interested in science or the human stories behind medical discoveries, read this. If you're not interested, read it anyway, you might learn something.

That's all for today, but I'm writing 2 film reviews, so expect them soon.
Enjoy the sun.

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