Monday, 1 March 2010

I get a kick out of you

Ok, so its not often that i blog about shoes i want, because i try not to make it that kind of blog, but sometimes i just can't help it. If you're not interested, stop reading now.

Right. So.

I'm not the kind of girl that buys the same item in more than one colour. I like things a bit wierd, a bit special. I wear things other people don't have. Owning something twice makes no sense to me. BUT...
I searched for 3 years for the perfect pair of brogues, looked high and low, vintage, high-street, internet, you name it, and i eventually found them. They are from Office, they are called Frank and i wear them almost every day. They are the perfect shoes, or so i thought.
Today, i went in to Office, and what do i find, but Frank brogues in different colours and materials. They have 20's style saddle shoes in canvas and leather, they have them in a matte sky blue, and they have these...

Now i've always said i'd never buy the same thing twice, especially with shoes, but i'm finding it very hard to resist. They are so beautiful, so feminine and so masculine at the same time. They make me smile.
I'm having a crisis. What should i do?

1 comment:

pepperminnt said...

do iiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
the crappy heels that wear off ridiculously quickly can be your excuse.
GAWD they're lovely!