Monday, 29 March 2010

A dying art

I've just found the most wonderful website.
It is called letters of note and every day they post a new letter from some interesting person or other. I've just lost a couple of hours browsing and it makes me want to sen letters to everyone i know. We may live in the digital age, but i think email has as many downsides as it has perks. Yes it is faster, but emails don't last like letters do.

This one is kind of fascinating.

This one makes me happy.

This one made me cry.

This one is really beautiful.

When i was in the States this past October we visited my godparent's house and Kelly, my godmother, had a big box of letters and notes that my mum had sent her from when they were about 11 right up until about a week before i was born. I spent most of the weekend sitting on the sofa reading them. I felt like i was getting to know my mum as a kid instead of as my mother, and it was amazing. If email or facebook had been around back then i would never have seen any of them.
It makes me sad to think that my children won't have a big box of all the stupid notes i send to Kelsea that they can find in an attic when they're 21.
Who knows though, maybe they'll read this blog...

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