Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Back in the habit

I'm trying to get back into the habit of drawing. I have about a million notebooks, and i have one that i really love which i carry about with me all the time, and i occasionally draw in it. I'm not very good, but i enjoy it, and i know i'll never get better unless i do more of it.

Anyway, here are some drawings from the past weeks and months, and a few just from today. Sorry about the poor photo quality. Click to enlarge.

Sketch of a photo of Malcolm X by Richard Avedon

Sketch from a photo of Twiggy by Richard Avedon

Dried rose on my windowsill

A Warhol skull and a Modigliani nude - sketched at The Met in New York

These 2 are from today. I understood absolutely nothing in my lecture on post-colonial modernist writing today, so after about 15 minutes I stopped taking notes and drew a waiter instead. The flowers are in a champagne bottle by my bed.

The Food Penguin

 Not Ranunculi

That's it for now, but i'm (hopefully) going to be drawing more and more, and if i like any of it i'll put it up, so check back soon.

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