Monday, 16 June 2008

Shoe Hell

As any of you who know me will know, I have big feet. I am not keen on them, but i don't hate them as some people do. They serve me well for walking, dancing, and being difficult to push over. What i do hate are shoe companies who fail to realize that girls with size 8 feet can still be interested in fashion and desirous of attractive footwear.
Why do i bring this up now? Because the Leaver's ball is on Friday and i still don't have shoes. I have found shoes, shoes i would be willing to kill and die for, shoes for which i would gladly sell my soul. Unfortunately the evil bosses of Topshop have decided that, due to my horrible birth defect of larger than average feet, i do not deserve said shoes, and thus must attend the Leaver's ball feeling less than perfect.
But enough moaning, all i can do is carry on with sub-standard shoes, making up for it by dancing badly and singing along to whatever music is playing. Hopefully that will keep people's eyes off my feet.

Here are the shoes, in case you were wondering what has gotten me into this state. If you ever see them in a size 8, buy them instantly, not only will i pay you back, i will love you forever.

Honestly now, have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your entire life?

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