Thursday, 5 June 2008


The first thing Duane ever said to me was "did you choose to have your hair like that?" when i acted mildly offended he told me it was a compliment, and he loved my androgynous looks.

Two days later, on about my 3rd day at my new school, i was stripping off in the history of art room, putting on his jeans and having him take photos of me (he was only in his underwear, because my jeans wouldn't fit him!)

Over a year after that, he took photos of me again, still dressed as a boy, only this time they were part of a project he was doing for his portfolio at London College of Fashion, and he kept his clothes on.
Here they are. Duane is a Genius and I love him.

Click for bigger pictures.

The actual editorial spread.

If i saw myself in a club, i definitely would!

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