Monday, 16 June 2008

Funny stuff from a funny site

I love Dave Eggers. A bold statement, but one i stand by. I love his short stories, i love his novels, i love his memoir, i love his novel-ised autobiography of a lost boy of the Sudan. I think 826 is wonderful and fabulous and cool, which is why i'm working there this summer. I agree with Jeffrey Eugenides naming him "the Bono of Lit."
One thing i especially love him for is the creation of McSweeney's, and the amazing website McSweeney's Internet Tendency, because it is clever, funny, and full of stuff to distract me from revising for my drama A level. Through 826 and McSweeney's i've discovered lots of truly amazing writers, so i thank Dave Eggers for that too.

If you haven't read McSweeney's before, this is my gift to you.

History's Notable Films Reconsidered.

The Citizen Kane one made me laugh in a very undignified manner.

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