Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I don't know what i can save you from

I got dumped this afternoon. Not quite sure how i feel about that.

On a slightly brighter note, my dad is hilarious, and just sent me this as a response to my previous post:

Sorry you had to find out that way...
But yes, according to the Rev Danny, who sees clearly now the rain has gone, both Seana and I are very gay indeed. Compound gay in fact,because even now we sometimes play Bobby Dy, Lou Reed and the Grateful Dead ON THE SAME EVENING.
And, to further blacken our names,we sometimes do so in the company of consensual (evidently equi-gay) friends - many of whom you know and might have liked until the news came out. Damn, you've even stayed with some of them, in their nasty gay houses.
I guess I might have to clear my 'frequently played' playlist before Ivisit any doctrinaire countries, because there's hardly a single straight tune there. Apart from Mozart, who seems to be a hetero little squealer. Keep pure. I think you should stick to brass band music - but check there's only one oboe player.

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