Saturday, 9 October 2010

Don't stop dancing or you'll fall off

A couple of film clips today which make me smile.
I was thinking about musicals, and about films which incorporate song or dance sequences but which aren't musicals, and i thought I'd share some of my favourite sequences with you. Enjoy.

This one is so beautiful it hurts. Watch Dans Paris right now, all of you!

This one is slightly less moving, but makes me smile real big.

This isn't strictly a dance sequence, and it won't let me embed the video, but this scene stuck with me. I think it's beautiful.
Another one i definitely wanted to include, but which can't be found on youtube is the scene in the dance club from Away We Go which had me sobbing for about half an hour. Melanie Lynsky broke my heart. Go watch it. Also the bowling alley tap dance from Buffalo 66, which is dreamy.

You've all seen this before, but it makes me happy, so deal with it.

We watched this in my film seminar on musicals yesterday and my lecturer started crying. I love him so much. If any of you haven't seen enchanted yet, you need to. I saw it 3 times at the cinema. Amy Adams is amazing.

Did you notice that Patrick Dempsey is wearing the same outfit as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and that the dance and the shots echo the dance in the ballroom from that film, which in turn were taken from Sleeping Beauty? Disney is manipulating us with nostalgia, and it's working.

So yeah... more films should have dance sequences.
Can you think of any i missed, or that i should watch? I'm on the hunt.

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