Wednesday, 12 November 2008

object of lust

I do not often buy graphic novels, I'm one of those bad people who picks them up in Borders and reads the whole thing whilst sipping my grande skinny chai tea latte (without water) and then puts them in the basket for the shop minions to out away. I love them, receive enormous pleasure from them, and then let them go. I rarely re-read them, so i don't see the point in buying them. If the library had a good selection i'd go there, but they don't, so i steal information and aesthetic pleasure from Borders, because they are massive and can deal with it.

I probably don't actually want to own this book, but right now i crave it, and it isn't stocked anywhere where i can sneakily absorb it's contents whilst drinking an over-priced caffeinated beverage, so i'm kind of stuck.

It may well be the most beautiful graphic novel i've ever seen. It's all hand painted to photo-realistic detail by John Muth, with an introduction by one of my many Gods, Darren Aronofsky, and it's based on the classic Fritz Lang film. What's not to lust over?

(click on th eimages to enlarge them. Trust me, it's worth it.)

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Cristina said...

John Muth has written and illustrated wonderful kid's books, too, notably ZEN SHORTS, and ZEN TIES. Take a look next time you're in Borders, and then, of course, let the minions put them away (it gives them something to do as Jon Watters said about ushers at movie theaters).