Sunday, 8 March 2009

“Only great minds can afford a simple style.”

So i was on the sartorialist today because i'm sartorially uninspired, and i found this man, who i am now entirely in love with. I shall call him Theo.

Everything about his look works, the matching coat and all stars, the little stripey cardigan, and his adorable little wonky grin. I'm in love. Why don't boys at Sussex dress like this?

Then i saw this photo. I want to be this girl, she looks so cool, but like she's having so much fun. On an odd side note, her name is Clea, the name of the character i played in Black Comedy, which we performed to record breaking audiences this week. Go us! Maybe it's a sign of some sort, telling me to dress better or go to paris or something?

Now i have to go try and find some clothes to wear, and i know i won't look as cool as these guys, so it's hard to find the energy to bother!

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