Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Any Savage can Dance

Yesterday at write club hardly anyone brought anything to read, so we did a writing exercise. Basically we all thought of a theme or sentence, and then wrote about it. The sentence the group came up with was "any savage can dance," a thought expressed by Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. We then had 5 minutes to write something based around that idea. I was pretty pleased with what i came up with, so i thought i'd post it. It's not very long, and completely unedited, so you get to see how my brain works under creative pressure to produce. Hope you like it.

Any Savage Can Dance

Standing on the floor,
Surrounded by amazons in 6 inch stilettos, throbbing drums beating our chests,
We move.
We sway and shake.
We are sexy and we know it and so do they.
We see them moving in, all hair gel and too much lynx, and we move.
We shake and sway away;
And they pursue.
Stalking us across the floor, past herds of copy-cats.
They are on the prowl, the hunt.
Any savage can dance, but we want more.
We shake to the beat of the throbbing drum in skin tight seduction put on to please,
To tease.
We bait the trap and wait for them to bite,
And they always do.
Any savage can dance, but we want more, and so we sway.

It's not really a poem, but it's not really prose. The line breaks are more to do with the speed at which the lines should be read. I was focused more on the rhythm of the words, on alliteration and a little bit of internal rhyme, which i don't normally really consider. I also wanted to get across the idea of people like wild animals, which doesn't come across quite as clearly as i wanted, but i only had 5 minutes, so i can forgive myself that. What do you think?

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