Monday, 20 September 2010

Behind the curtain...

My mum sent me an email full of amazing photos, and i was so impressed with some of them that i thought I'd post them up here.

They are unexpected, cute, occasionally disturbing (hello Sean?), but all completely new to me, and hopefully to you too.


I just want to be friends with those two. So adorable. And Jane Fonda, who knew she could be so cute?

Coolest dude in the mutha' flippin' world, right here.

My mum pointed out that these guys just look like they've been really poorly photo shopped from different sized pictures. How much do you want to hug Harrison Ford though? Yum.

This one was the real revelation for me. For all that everyone talks about JFK and Marilyn, the only photo I've ever seen of them together was taken just after she sang him Happy Birthday. This photo really is one in a million, and i wonder why it's not more famous. You can really feel a tenderness between them.

I know i keep saying I'm going to post more instead of just showing some photos and running away, but I'm in the Internet wasteland at the moment. I have no connection at my house, and my iTouch is being stroppy, so I'm stealing minutes at university (that's right, i travelled 3 miles to write this post, that's how dedicated i am to you guys!). As soon as I'm connected again I'll be posting all kinds of exciting things, i promise.

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