Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Boy With Nails For Eyes

My mum sent me an email the other day with a link to a review of her friend's son's webcomic. I didn't open it until today, when i was chatting to her and she asked if i'd looked. I must be honest, i wasn't expecting to be particularly impressed.

I was wrong to pre-judge.

As the review states, its a masterpiece. Beautifully constructed, well laid out, with great music and well written prose, it really atands apart from pretty much every other web comic i've ever read. The art reminds me of the graphic novel of "M" which i mentioned in a post over a year ago. I really can't fault any of it.

Here's a link to the comic. Its a flash animation, so it might take you a while to load, but its worth the wait.

and here's a link to the review, because its more informed and eloquent than i am.

I hope this gets the recognition it deserves, because i really do think it is something special.

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Shaun said...

Hi Lucy

Very glad you liked the comic, and thanks for the review! I'm guessing the M you refer to is Jon Muth's adaptation (I've got a copy, and it was one of the books I pored over for ideas when I just started out images for the story). I gotta say, I count that comparison to be a great compliment, as Muth's work is great, so thank you (again).

I'm actually working on the next chapter of The Boy... now - my getting-to-be-embarrassingly-ancient PC's currently chugging away saving the latest version of the animation. Hopefully it'll be ready sometime within the next couple of weeks. The soundtrack's partially written, and the drawings for the next chapter after that have been started, so the ball's definitely rolling!

So once again, thanks, and glad you enjoyed it so far -