Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lucy Lament

I asked my friend Alex to write me another poem, maybe because i'm starved for attention, or maybe because i (secretly) love what he writes (though i still hate it when he recites them at parties, that will never be cool honey!)
Anyway, he wrote this one, and i think it's really beautiful, it actually brought a tear to my eye.
See what you think.

Lucy Lament

I’m off over here,
And she’s out by the sea,
I’m not over her,
And she’s not under me,

Think back to when the music died,
We choked among the herd,
And tried, with numbing nostrils fried,
To forfeit our reserve,

We fall upon the fading floor,
While rockers round us roll,
With their rotten, raging, roasting roar,
All their loosing is control,

I’m lying on the grass,
With my head up in the sky,
I reach out for the stars,
And they fail to reply,

Sometimes she’s an extra mile,
And then I find her gone,
Sometimes, when she’s lost her smile,
I like to paint it on,

I wouldn’t want to chaser,
If she didn’t make me run,
And when I really face her,
Well, that takes out all the fun,

But, wait, she turns and faces me,
She lingers on her lips,
In shock this siren places me,
My tortured tongue; it trips,

I meant that roses are often red,
And violets rather blue,
But, instead, I lost my head,
And offer some to you,

The conversation crumbles,
I’m just another perv,
The risqué retard stumbles,
Which is less than I deserve,

When I call out to her,
She walks away from me,
I’m caught over here,
And she’s off by the sea.

Isn't it lovely? Alex Whyman, remember the name, future poet laureat right there.

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