Friday, 22 May 2009

First review is in!

Othello got a review in The Argus, the Brighton and Hove paper! We didn't even know they'd come until Brian, one of the venue managers found us as the whole cast were having dinner with me, Mum and Simon, and handed us the paper. I read it out and then started to cry!

"If you are looking for a wonderfully exciting slice of Shakespeare with an imaginative twist, look no further.
SUDS Theatre Company offer a contemporary take on one of Shakespeare's most presently relevant plays with this fast paced production. The subjects of racism, love, jealousy and betrayal are delicately approached and with the airy church as its venue, the piece contrasts innocence and villainy in a clever and creative way.
A tremendously talented cast include a flawless depiction of the ill-famed Iago and a heartwarming portrayal of Desdemona, making the performance a tasty treat for any thespian. A winning and exciting production."

4 Stars.

Makes it all worthwhile, i guess i can stop worrying now and finally breathe!

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