Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Fair Youth

So back in October my friend Alex wrot me a poem, which was lovely, if a little on the dirty side. I've been mocking him recently because it seems the only things he ever reads out that he has written are kind of in the same vein, so he set himself the chllenge of writing me a sonnet. Something clean and nice and sweet insted of perverse. He started writing it while we were in the pub. Here's the finished thing.

The Fair Youth

She dresses like she works for sugaRAPE,
And she confuses me most of the time,
Laughs like Muttley, Smirks like a Pirate,
But this short-haired pixie that makes me rhyme,
Intrigues me more than any catwalk bint,
Could ever hope to catch my wandering eye,
Without her foulness and her cheeky glint,
Those throat-drying legs that make my soul sigh,
Wears her hair how she wants- she wears it well,
Flirts like a sailor and swears like one too,
This fire in my heart I’ve no wish to quell,
When butterflies squirm at her wolf-dance moves,
Some call it her style, but I call it art,
I lost my mind, and she stole my heart.

Isn't it lovely? (for any of you that don't know, sugaRAPE is a made up magazine from Nathan Brley, an awesome comedy show from a couple of years ago.)
It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Happy Easter weekend.


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