Monday, 22 December 2008

Oh i do love my best friend!

Just a little gloating message to say that my best friend is better than your best friend, whoever that best friend might be!
Miss Kelsea-Jane Gates is my very best friend. She is cool and pretty and smells good even though she works behind the deli counter at Waitrose! Also, she gives the best presents in the world.

For my birthday last week she gave me not only "A Lifetime of Secrets," and not only "M" by Jon Muth, but also...


Oh yes my friends, i now have that sexy little pixie in a cardboard box in my room. I promise i'll post a picture soon (for which i should give credit to my parents, they bought me a beautiful and very high tech little digital camera to replace my brick which no longer takes photographs, something of a flaw in any piece of photographic equipment!)

You are now free to go about your day, jealous in the knowledge that my friend is better than yours.

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